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Medcorp has the best deals in the Ultrasound Industry! Browse our deals page to see a full list of the exceptional values Medcorp has to offer.

The One Stop Resource for Ultrasound Systems, Equipment and Their Repair

Are you looking for reliable used ultrasound equipment? Are you a budget conscious medical center who wants to provide only the most high-level care to your patients?

If yes, MedCorp is your answer.

We offer a full range of ultrasound machines from the top brands including GE, Sonosite, HP, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, and more at really affordable prices. MedCorp also provides expert service for repairing these systems and sells parts of these machines including transducers and probes.

What makes MedCorp stand apart from the competition is its 24-step refurbishment process. This process ensures that the equipment is clean, not warm from overuse and functions properly. Only and only after the expert technician determines that each part works at OEM specifications, the equipment is allowed to be sold.

Medcorp strongly believes in meeting high quality standards and is committed to service excellence. Providing best customer service - that's the motto of MedCorp. Whether you are looking for a new or used ultrasound machine or its parts, MedCorp is your ideal destination.

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Own Affordable Machines

Buy new equipment direct from an authorized dealer or used from a trusted provider!

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Redistribute Quality Product

Our warehouse, our process, our inventory; Yours to sell!

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Refurbishing Process

Guaranteed to Operate

The quality of our units set the standard in the reconditioned market.

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MedCorp | Trusted for Ultrasound

Experience, Expertise and Excellence

Experience, Expertise and Excellence

MedCorp boasts over 50 combined years of experience in the capital medical equipment industry (with specificity in ultrasound machines) within its managing partnership alone. Further, trained and detail oriented technicians handle an intense 24-step process of reconditioning that is unmatched in the industry.

Finally, MedCorp has instilled a culture of excellence that extends from ultrasound technicians to the sales staff to shipping coordinators; a high level of professionalism is provided at every step along the way.

MedCorp is the leader in the Ultrasound Sales Industry in the nation; Find out why by contacting us today!

MedCorp Refurbishing Process

MedCorp is your Direct Source for Ultrasound

MedCorp is your Direct Source for Ultrasound

Every system we deliver is guaranteed to operate to OEM factory specifications. The quality of our units set the standard in the reconditioned market. All MedCorp ultrasounds go through a rigorous 24-step process that ensures they are operating at manufacturers specifications before they leave our facility.

Each system will be eligible for an extended service contract, should you choose, either from MedCorp, direct from the manufacturer or a 3rd party service provider.

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