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Portable Ultrasound

MedCorp has a full line of portable ultrasound equipment, from handheld models like the GE Vscan to powerful machines like the Sonosite M-Turbo. Portable ultrasound equipment is ideal for fast-paced medical centers that perform a high volume of medical imaging and budget-conscious practices that share equipment between offices.

Used portable ultrasound equipment from MedCorp provides the same flexibility, convenience and outstanding image quality you’d expect in a new model, but at a price that suits budget-minded offices. MedCorp features refurbished portable ultrasound machines from all the top brands including, GE, Phillips, Siemens and Sonosite.

MedCorp also follows a strict 24-step refurbishment process. Each part of the used portable ultrasound equipment is cleaned, repaired/replaced (if necessary) and tested. Then after the entire unit is tested by our staff, it’s made available for purchase. MedCorp is a trusted source for portable ultrasound equipment with a combined 50 years experience in the industry.