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Medcorp is always working with vendors and partners to source the best products for our clients!  If you don't see what you are looking for, please send us a note.  Thank you!

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Discover the power of Intelligent Affordability: Quality medical equipment at a fraction of the manufacturer’s price. Probo Medical acquired MedCorp in 2018 to grow its offerings of diagnostic medical equipment solutions to meet the needs of its customers. MedCorp’s ultrasound machines and rigorous 24-step process have set the quality standard in the ultrasound refurbishment industry since 1999. Each of the new and fully-refurbished ultrasound machines are eligible for an extended service contract from Probo Medical or direct from the manufacturer. Probo Medical also offers new and fully-refurbished ultrasound systems and probes, ultrasound rentals, and C-arm sales, service, and rentals.

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