Customer Testimonials

M. Shapiro

Glenn Josephik is a very professional and knowledgeable sales person. He was patient in explaining technical details of different types of equipment, it's pros and cons, as well as being very attentive to my needs and goals. He is also very proactive in managing the transaction while also going far and beyond expectations. Glenn was able to find the best solution without pushing. It is as though he was acting as a business partner.

Working with Glenn was a great pleasure. He has not only sold me the ultrasound machine, but followed me through the whole process, providing with different options and contacts to make the deal possible within challenging timeframe.

I highly appreciate what Glenn and his team have done to my company.

Thank you.

Happy customer, M. Shapiro

Oct. 24, 2019

David - BS, RDCS, RVT - Area Operations Manager

"Thanks again Glenn for facilitating getting Dr N. into the GE vivid E9 from the Siemens P500 she was in. Price, customer service, and image quality have been outstanding. It took less than a week for the machine to be picked, shipped, arrive and set up to start scanning patients. Dr Naganna and the sonographers here are so happy with the machine and service. We will definitely be recommending Medcorp to others in the future."

Sept. 25, 2019

Womb Service 3D/4D, Haddon Heights, NJ

"I recently had the pleasure of working with MedCorp LLC & Probo Medical when purchasing my new ultrasound machine. New ultrasound equipment is a huge investment, so I made sure to really do my due diligence. From my initial call to Probo Medical, I found their customer service to be superior to the other companies. They really took the time to understand my specific needs and subsequently recommended the best machine for my business. I had the honor of working with Joe throughout my buying process. His knowledge of the equipment paired with his exceptional customer service skills are second to none. He was always a phone call or e-mail away to answer my (abundance of) questions! He was completely transparent throughout the whole process and made me feel at ease the entire time. Thank you MedCorp & Probo Medical, you now have a customer for life!"

Jana Mazzo - January 8, 2019

Pink or Blue 4D Ultrasound Studio LLC, Erie, PA

"I recently purchased a Voluson E8 BT13 from MedCorp LLC. Glenn was very knowledgeable about the product. He was quick in answering my questions. I appreciate that he was able to work with me via email and text, as my schedule is quite busy and doesn't allow much time for talking on the phone. He was great with following up with me multiple times and was patient while I worked out my finances. He was friendly and provided great customer service. I believe your company is benefitting from having Glenn on your team. Have a great new year, I know I will with my new machine! Thanks again MedCorp!"

Lauren Hess - December 28, 2018

3D4D Ultrasound Studio LLC

"I want to send a huge Thank You from Creations 3D4D Ultrasound Studio to the entire team at MedCorp.

Our experience from the start to the current support they provide us from time to time is amazing. Their entire staff is very knowledgeable, exceptionally friendly and moreover they care about us the customer.

The salesman Rich and his associate Glenn have provided us with an amazing product demonstration that led us to select the very best machine for our business. They were not pushy or try to sell us something we did not need, they simply delivered the best customer care and listened to our needs to help us select the best machine. We called them countless times along the way with questions ranging from technical to expected delivery dates. Both men went out of their way to answer us in a timely manner and with great support.

Rich was amazing he has been there for us the whole way. He would always answer his phone and get us the answer I needed fast. We would call him with questions about paper, how does this work or what setting do I need to do that. Rich really put the effort in and got us going in no time flat.

Glenn took us on a site tour to include their overhaul/maintenance department, parts logistics and shipping receiving area. MedCorp is a first class business that specializes in ultrasound equipment and parts. From our tour I was able to determine that they are a full service company with many in stock parts for quick delivery and even a machine loaner program that is quite affordable. Glenn also would answer his phone quickly and get us the answers to our questions regardless on how small or large.

Everyone at MedCorp was a pleasure to speak with as they were friendly and helpful. This has left me feeling that no matter what our ultrasound needs are MedCorp is the company we will call.

William Miller - May 26, 2017

Fremmer Industries Inc

"I recently made a purchase through MedCorp for a newer GE ultrasound machines. After researching to find a great price coupled with great service I came across MedCorp. They have a great crew of service techs on standby to help over the phone and if necessary come on site to help resolve the problem. They worked with me on price and selection. I initially wanted an inferior ultrasound machine but after they calmly, not forcefully educated me on a more expensive but better fit for my ultrasound needs; I chose the better machine. Anyone else would have just let me buy the lower quality machine that would have failed to meet my requirements just to make the sale. Buying the low end ultrasound to save some money would have been a HUGE mistake on a really large purchase. I really appreciate the time and patience they had with helping me understand which ultrasound was the best fit. Glenn was awesome to work with, patient and attentive. If he was unsure of any fact he didn't just guess at an answer, he went to others for the correct information. I didn't feel it was just about the sale but more of a business to business relationship. He was able to get me training for my techs on the new machine as well as work out special delivery expectations I required. I look forward to working with MedCorp in the years to come. "

Jonathan Fremmer - May 17, 2017

CsodaBent Ultrasound Ltd

"I was highly satisfied with the professional, fast and kind service of Medcorp with special thanks to Glenn Josephik, who was very helpful and flexible, even answering my questions over office hours. My case was a little complicated as my company is not operating in the US and I had concerns about pre-payment without seeing what I am purchasing especially with such an amount of money involved. I could manage payment via PayPal, thanks to Glenn. He even offered FB and Skype video contact to show me around in their office and warehouse. I really appreciate his work. Thanks again! The probe is working perfectly, I am very satisfied with it!"

Monika Major - September 7, 2016

Operation Blessing International

"I wanted to write to thank you for your excellent service and product availability to help us during a time of need. As an international aid organization, we actively respond to disasters and humanitarian crises around the world daily. This past winter, Zika became one of our highest priorities because of the surge of cases throughout Central America. We had to act swiftly because lives were at risk. We contacted MedCorp and sought to purchase ultrasound machines to help with monitoring of unborn children whose mother’s had been diagnosed with Zika."

Angela Dart - April 14, 2016

Life Imaging Center

"My name is Amy, and I have owned an ultrasound facility for over 10 years. I have purchased various machines throughout the years, but my most recent purchase was through MedCorp. After calling around to multiple companies across the U.S., I decided to purchase my machine from MedCorp. The reason I chose MedCorp, they were local to me, had the best price for the unit, offered flexibility with warranty coverage, and gave me a great price for my trade in. My recent experience with MedCorp was when I had a couple of minor issues with my machine. They were able to come out to my facility in a timely manner, resolve the issue, which got me back on track for my clients. They have always been very helpful with any and all questions or issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market to purchase an ultrasound machine because your money is not wasted, you get an honest company who is always willing to help."

Amy Opat - March 2nd, 2016

Houston Babies

" 100% satisfied. I enjoyed my time working with Glenn. His customer relations, organization skills were awesome! He was very accurate in my delivering time frame for my orders ...Fabulous Experience. I will definitely do business with MedCorp again."

Valencia George  - April 14th, 2016

Hudson Valley Foot Associates

"As a former sales and marketing manager with more than two decades of experience (and as a practice administrator for another decade), I am well aware of the value of service that exceeds the expectations of the customer (or patient). That is why I thought it important enough to drop you a note regarding my recent experience with MedCorp.

When our surgically-based podiatry practice decided to upgrade a couple of ultrasound units, the GE Venue 40 Portable Ultrasound System from Medcorp was under careful consideration. I found working with you and your company to be straight-forward, seamless process with no surprises and competitive pricing. That said, one of my key considerations with any equipment purchase is the service I can expect to receive AFTER the sale. In the case of MedCorp I was not disappointed.

When one of the displays on the units was not functioning properly, we were quite pleased that MedCorp was quick to ship us a "loaner unit" while they repaired our Venue40. Just as important was the fact MedCorp kept us informed and was always responsive to our needs so that our patient flow would not be affected.

It has been a pleasure to work with MedCorp and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to other practices looking for ultrasound products. "

Charles "Bud" Walker - November 13th, 2014

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