What’s the Best Point-of-Care Ultrasound System? | Sonosite

What’s the Best Point-of-Care Ultrasound System? | Sonosite

In 2017, Sonosite reported that 63% of providers used Sonosite Point-of-Care ultrasound systems to provide treatment for their patients. But which is their best Point-of-Care ultrasound system? Below we list what we think are the best portable point-of-care ultrasound systems from Sonosite. If you have any questions or need a Point-of-Care system, call MedCorp at 1-877-9031.

Sonosite M-Turbo Point-of-Caresonosite m-turbo rental sales ultrasound machine

Sonosite’s M-Turbo ultrasound system is possibly the most popular portable ultrasound system to come from Sonosite as it is among the top portable ultrasound machines preferred by medical professionals. The M-Turbo delivers a broad range of applications. It is also incredibly accurate, lightweight, and extremely durable so that it can keep up with you. The M-Turbo even made our list of the top-selling portable systems of 2018, making it the perfect ultrasound system for point-of-care. Watch our video review of the M-Turbo here. Call today or fill out the form below to get the cost of the M-Turbo ultrasound system.

SonoSite iViz portable ultrasound system point of care for sale

Sonosite iViz Point-of-Care

The Sonosite iViz Point-of-Care ultrasound system is perhaps their most portable ultrasound system, and an improvement on the design of the Sonosite Nanomaxx. Its ergonomic, one-handed, 7-inch high-resolution display allows for easy manipulation of image settings and its rugged design makes the iViz point-of-care ultrasound system especially useful in crowded environments or locations where space is limited. No wonder it is the official ultrasound system of Bennett British Superbike racing! Inquire today to get your price for the Sonosite iViz.

Sonosite SII Point-of-Care

Sonosite SII portable point of care ultrasound system for sale

Sonosite’s SII Point-of-Care Ultrasound System is part of the new generation of point-of-care ultrasound systems featuring some incredible features in a small, touchscreen-based system. Designed specifically for trauma and anesthesiology departments, this high-performance system has an extremely small footprint and a fast boot time that allows you to start scanning in under 25 seconds! They even upgraded the cables for the SII transducers to make them armored, therefore extremely difficult to damage. An incredibly advanced design and truly a point-of-care ultrasound system for the modern age. Fill out the form below to check the availability for the SII ultrasound system.

Sonosite Edge II portable ultrasound system used

Sonosite Edge II Point-of-Care

The Sonosite Edge II ultrasound system is the successor to the Sonosite Edge ultrasound system, with an improved design and increased durability. The point-of-care ultrasound system features DirectClear technology that is available for select transducers. The Edge II also sports Sonosite’s Armored Cable Technology to improve longevity. Watch this video to find out more about the Edge II and fill out the form below to receive a quote today!

Sonosite S-Series Point-of-Care

Sonosite-S-Series S-Cath S-Fast S-ICU S-MSK S-Nerve used portable ultrasound systems

Sonosite’s S-Series is a family of point-of-care ultrasound systems that feature Zero-Footprint Technology by utilizing a wall-mounting system to save space and by increasing efficiency. It has various versions specific to different point-of-care environments. The S-Series also features more patient coverage that allows for scanning the entire patient from head to toe (some system arm accessories may be required). This product line includes:

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Sonosite X-Porte Ultrasound System

Honorable Mention:  Sonosite X-Porte Point-of-Care

The Sonosite X-Porte is the first stand-alone ultrasound system from Sonosite with a narrow, ergonomic profile, making it almost as convenient as a portable system. It has an intuitive, touchscreen interface with no buttons or knobs to get in your way. The interface of the X-Porte is completely customizable to improve your workflow and improve your decision-making ability. It’s the perfect stand-alone point-of-care ultrasound system for an environment where space isn’t an issue. Watch our video review of the X-Porte here. Let us know if you’d like a quote for a used X-Porte by calling today or filling out the form below!

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