Why Buy The GE Logiq E Ultrasound?

Why Buy The GE Logiq E Ultrasound?

The GE Logiq E portable ultrasound is one of the more popular shared services ultrasound systems on the market. The Logiq E has been most praised by industry professionals for its musculoskeletal scanning abilities and excellent 2D imaging. This system is ideal for offices that do not need 4D scanning and are looking for an ultrasound system that provides mid-range power and is portable and versatile.

Who Should Buy a GE Logiq E

There’s no question that the GE Logiq E portable ultrasound’s price point, capabilities, and versatility make it a great value no matter what application you are looking to use it for. But if you’re serious about purchasing a Logiq E, then consider what professionals in the ultrasound and medical industries have to say about exactly which types of offices the GE Logiq E is best for:

  • Doctors performing musculoskeletal scans (as mentioned above, this is where the GE Logic E shines).
  • Cardiologists who do not need the amount of power provided by the GE Vivid I.
  • Obstetricians and gynecologists who use 2D imaging and do not need the 4D imaging probes that are available with GE’s Voluson I.

When to Upgrade to a GE Logiq E

If your office is still using a Logiqbook, Titan or Cypress Plus portable ultrasound then now is the time to upgrade to a newer system. The Logiq E by GE provides a significant upgrade in performance and capabilities from these three entry-level systems at only a slightly higher price point, making it the most sensible next step in portable ultrasound systems. It is compatible with seven probes, has the option for ECG and DICOM, and offers SRI and CrossXBeam for enhanced imaging. More specifically, the Logic E has a larger and much better screen than both the Logiqbook and Titan ultrasounds. Watch our video review of the GE Logiq E here!

Where to Buy a GE Logiq E Portable Ultrasound Machine

MedCorp has been in business for almost three decades selling, distributing, refurbishing and providing training on all makes and models of ultrasound systems. Buying direct is always a surefire way to get the best deal. That’s why purchasing the GE Logiq E, and any other ultrasound equipment, from MedCorp ensures the lowest price. When you combine buying direct with purchasing a refurbished GE Logiq E, your savings increase even more. For a quote or price match on this system, contact us today!