Cardiovascular Ultrasound Upgrade: Vivid 7 to Vivid T8

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Upgrade: Vivid 7 to Vivid T8

The GE Vivid 7 ultrasound system was considered the best cardiac ultrasound machine at the time of its release, and even though it is no longer produced, it is still preferred by many medical professionals. While it can be hard to part with dependable, long-lasting equipment the upkeep of older ultrasound systems is increasingly expensive. As parts become harder to find and new technologies become less compatible with the Vivid 7, upgrading to a newer ultrasound machine, like the GE Vivid T8, will make the most financial and operational sense in the long run.

Upgrade Your Vivid 7 Ultrasound System

If the GE Vivid 7 ultrasound system in your office is past its prime, we recommend upgrading to the brand’s next step up – the Vivid T8. While MedCorp services all types of ultrasound machines, our experts recommend an ultrasound upgrade over continuing to repair an older model when it comes to systems like the Vivid 7.

The Vivid T8 is one of GE’s more budget-friendly ultrasound machines without lacking the powerful technology you expect from GE ultrasound systems. In fact, the Vivid T8 combines the best of both the Vivid and LOGIQ features into one machine. Shop the GE Vivid T8 now.

What’s New with the GE Vivid T8

GE took the outstanding cardiovascular screening capabilities of the Vivid 7 and merged them with the LOGIQ series’ exceptional performance in shared services to create the robust and powerful GE Vivid T8. Durability also was a high priority for the Vivid T8, which withstood 20 hours of intense vibration, 1,000 strikes at 10 G-force and an eight-hour dust test. If you loved the Vivid 7 and want to upgrade to a new system that will last, the Vivid T8 is perfect for your practice.

Contact a MedCorp representative today about upgrading your GE Vivid 7 to the newer GE Vivid T8 model. Our team of experts has a combined 50 years of experience in ultrasound sales, refurbishment, training, and service so we will be able to address all of your ultrasound needs. As a major national ultrasound distributor, MedCorp also can offer savings on the Vivid T8 that other companies can’t. Compare our prices and get a free quote today by calling 1-866-828-1800 or filling out a contact form.