Feto Realistic View | Samsung Ultrasound Technology Advancements

Feto Realistic View | Samsung Ultrasound Technology Advancements

It’s difficult to decide which ultrasound technology is right for you when it is constantly evolving and improving. Samsung Medison’s Feto Realistic View technology allows you to experience realistic fetoscopic images with RGB rending technology while using an easy and simpler user interface. The FRV image rending technology gathers more information from 3D/4D data than previous technology, therefore allowing you to express more detailed images of the fetus. These capabilities make it a must-have if you are looking to upgrade your women’s health imaging system to a Samsung ultrasound system!

What is Feto Realistic View?

Feto Realistic View technology is Samsung Medison’s picture enhancing technology that increases clarity and can strengthen the emotional bond between patients and their babies by providing more detailed images, especially of small parts like hands. The transparency control in FRV provides a more accurate image by preventing structures from turning black. There are numerous combinations of images to render by changing the light intensity.

Feto Realistic View is also compatible with Samsun Medison’s other 3D functions such as:

  • HD Volume Imaging
  • Smart Filter Volume Imaging
  • VC

How Feto Realistic View can benefit your practice?

The Feto Realistic View technology can help you diagnose faster and more confidently. During your women’s health exams, you’ll be able to provide the most accurate details that a Samsung Medison machine can currently produce. Your patients will be amazed when they see their baby’s features for the first time or when you’re able to provide a quicker diagnosis with confidence.

What systems and probes support Feto Realistic View?

Feto Realistic View can be used with Samsung’s 3D/4D ultrasound probes and on ultrasound systems like the WS80A with Elite. The Samsung HS80A with Elite focuses on diagnostic solutions for women’s health as an integrated solution for women’s health issues. It provides images for the most significant events in women’s lives including:

  • Family planning
  • Gynecology and Breast Health
  • Healthy Birth
  • Healthy Pregnancy – Biometry, Diagnosis, and Visualization

The Samsung WS80a is truly innovative in fetal assessment with its RealisticVue, CrystalVue, and CrystalVue Flow technology. Additionally, it provides intelligent solutions for women’s health using S-Detect for breast health and IOTA-ADNEX (Ovarian tumor classification).

The images become even clearer with S-Vue transducer technology. Its more efficient piezoelectric properties produce wider bandwidths that enable better penetration and higher quality resolution even on challenging patients. It is also ergonomically designed to fit well in the hand so you can image without distraction.

The Best Ultrasound Technology for Your Practice

If you are on a strict budget, Samsung produces quality systems at affordable prices. However, if you’re looking for the best ultrasound system for women’s health, you need to look at GE’s Voluson line (with the exception of the P series) with HDLive technology.

HDlive is a rendering method that produces extraordinarily realistic images of the human fetus and other structures from sonographic data. By using an advanced illumination model, HDlive supports advanced skin rendering techniques, shadows, and a virtual light source.

Conventional rendering methods used a fixed virtual light source which simply reflects light off the skin surface. HDlive instead calculates the propagation of light through skin and tissue. As the light source enters the body, a portion of the light is reflected and the rest passes through the area of interest. As it enters the tissue, it is scattered and reduced, creating the necessary shading to create a more accurate picture.

Need an ultrasound system and/or probe that’s compatible with Feto Realistic View?

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