GE Logiq F8, Made for Urology and So Much More

GE Logiq F8, Made for Urology and So Much More

The Logiq F8 ultrasound system from GE has several specifications that lend itself to urology screenings, but its combination of high-quality imaging and affordability make it an ideal ultrasound machine for other applications as well. Read on to learn more about the GE Logiq F8.

Why the Logiq F8 Is Perfect for Urology

Quality screening is key when it comes to urology, and urologists want a system that delivers while being easy to use. The Logiq F8 was created to meet both of these needs and more. The following features are what makes the GE Logiq F8 ultrasound perfect for urology screenings:
• The Logiq F8 was designed to have excellent imaging penetration for screening both superficial and deep anatomy.
• The E8Cs-RS probe was made specifically for prostate imaging and is smaller with a wider field of view for patient comfort.
• The B-flow™ feature improves the visibility of small, difficult to capture vessels that are commonly a part of urology scans.
• The urology-specific BE9CS-RS probe gives techs two fields of view.

Using the GE Logiq F8 Ultrasound for Other Applications

Industry experts say that the Logiq F8 includes several capabilities of the brand’s premium ultrasound system – the GE Logiq E9 – at a lower price point. Making pristine imaging more accessible to everyone, this high-quality economy ultrasound system was made for more than just urology. The multipurpose functionality of the Logiq F8 is also a great match for offices that perform OB-GYN, abdominal, musculoskeletal, vascular and pediatric scans. Features of the GE Logiq F8 that all medical professionals love to include:
• Increase productivity from features like one-touch auto-optimization.
• Clearer images thanks to advanced features like Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI).
• More streamlined workflow and easy wired or wireless connectivity.
• Onboard reporting.

Where to Buy the GE Logiq F8

While this machine is already a great buy, your office can increase its savings when purchasing a GE Logiq F8 ultrasound machine when you buy direct from MedCorp. As a wholesaler with Logiq F8 ultrasounds in-stock, we offer the lowest price and fastest delivery. We also specialize in refurbishing gently used and demo ultrasound machines, which enable us to give offices and even lower price on GE Logiq F8 systems. For more information and pricing on this system, contact us today!