GE Logiq F8: Economical Quality, Diverse Application

GE Logiq F8: Economical Quality, Diverse Application

As technology continues to evolve, so does the quality of ultrasound systems. Previously, we shared with you why the GE Logiq F8 is a good upgrade from its previous versions, the P5 &P6. There are many reasons why you should upgrade to the GE Logiq F8, but its user-friendly features, urology friendly system, and ability to serve multiple industries make this ultrasound system one that you don’t want to miss out on.

Features, Features, Features

When it comes to finding an ultrasound that will give you more bang for your buck, the GE Logiq F8 is the solution. Not only is it economically priced, but it delivers the high-quality images that you expect. With large wheels for effortless transportation, onboard reporting, and an easy to follow workflow process, this system makes sonographer’s jobs simpler. The R2 runs the BE9Cs-RS probe which is a bi-plane probe. This means that the two arrays function on a longitudinal and transverse plane, making for a more complete image. This system also features 4D as well as 3D capabilities.

Urology Applications

The high-quality imaging and effective price point have made this ultrasound system a go-to for urologists. Excellent imaging penetration for moderate to deep level anatomy screenings is one feature that sets this machine apart from the pack. In addition, the machine also features a B-flow. B-flow technology is a type of real-time imaging that shows blood flow echoes through ultrasound. This can help identify issues such as bladder reflux, kidney perfusion, and more.

Additional Applications

While this system is typically used for urology exams, it has a wide range of other applications. It is compatible with a variety of different probe types, making it extremely versatile for your needs! Its clear imaging means that it can be used for pediatric scans, prostate, vascular, gynecological, abdominal, musculoskeletal and cardiac examinations.

When making the tough decision between ultrasound systems, make sure you don’t count out the GE Logiq F8. Its affordable quality, in-depth urology screening capabilities, and ability to serve multiple medical fields make it one of the best choices on the market. While this system can be hard to find, MedCorp sells and refurbishes the GE Logiq F8 for your convenience!

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