GE Venue 40 System Overview Video Series

GE Venue 40 System Overview Video Series

The GE Venue 40 is one of the most popular, versatile and affordable systems on the market today. With so many offices using this system, MedCorp has created a 10-part video series that provides an in-depth GE Venue 40 system overview and on-screen video training based on the GE Venue 40 user manual. Start watching the series below, offered by ultrasound technician Pat Guest.

Part 1: Basic GE Venue 40 System Overview – Cart & Features

Watch this video to get an in-depth look at the GE Venue 40 portable cart. The super-mobile, user-friendly cart is adjustable and easy to use for any exam or technician.

Part 2: GE Venue 40 System Overview – Screen & Features

Get a full review of the GE Venue 40 portable ultrasound tablet and screen. See how easy it is to mount on the cart and how quickly it powers on (just 22-25 seconds!).

Part 3: GE Venue 40 System Interface & Controls

Step through how to start an exam and select presets with a new patient on the GE Venue 40 in this video. Our technician will also show and explain the on-screen icons included in the GE Venue 40 user manual and their meanings.

Part 4: Customizing Your GE Venue 40 System

Learn how to customize your new GE Venue 40 under the utility tab. Note that one of the most important customizations to make during set up is clip length – the Venue 40 defaults to 20-second clips, which take up much more space than the standard 3-5 second clips.

Part 5: The GE Venue 40 Exam Process

Watch our technician go through the process of performing an imaging exam from start to finish. This video will show you every step outlined in the GE Venue 40 manual in real-time.

Part 6: Advanced Imaging on the GE Venue 40

In this video, the GE Venue 40’s advanced imaging capabilities are shown. The Venue 40 has the capability to perform trans-vaginal and obstetrical exams in addition to its other applications. Its M mode makes cardiac examinations easy to perform and its B steer mode and biopsy guide also improve exam imaging.

Part 7: Taking Measurements on the GE Venue 40

Step-through how to perform measurements on the GE Venue 40 once you have selected the image as reviewed in the steps above. This video also reviews how to add annotations to an exam on the Venue 40.

Part 8: Exporting & Saving Images on the GE Venue 40

Get an overview of how to save static images and clips on the Venue 40. All imaging saved during the exam will automatically be stored in the destination you set in the Venue 40’s customizable connectivity menu. This video also shows the review feature from the GE Venue 40 user manual.

Part 9: Using the GE Venue 40 for OB/GYN Application

In this more advanced segment of our GE Venue 40 system overview you will learn about this system’s gynecological imaging capabilities. E8CSSC and 4CSC transducers can be used for obstetric and pelvic exams.

Part 10: Care & Maintenance for the GE Venue 40

The final video in our GE Venue 40 system overview series goes over proper care and maintenance for this system. MedCorp also performs service in-house should your office need support in maintaining your Venue 40. For more information about the GE Venue 40, contact us today.

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