GE Versana Essential & Premier Ultrasound Systems | Confident Ultrasound

GE Versana Essential & Premier Ultrasound Systems | Confident Ultrasound

The GE Versana Family is GE’s new budget-conscious ultrasound system line. This family is currently made up of the GE Versana Essential and the GE Versana Premier. The Versana Premier and Essential provide excellent image quality for the price and are perfectly situated in the OB-GYN, family medicine, and general practice physicians, as well as several other spots. It is especially helpful in viewing thyroids, kidney vessels, aorta blood flow, the carotid artery, and other vessels. GE made the Versana with the physicians in mind, helping you deliver more efficient and higher quality care for your patients. Read below to learn more about the Versana Essential and Versana Premier and the difference between the two affordable ultrasound systems.

GE Versana Essential

The lower-end, budget-friendly version of the Versana is the Versana Essential. While still a world-class ultrasound GE Versana Essential Ultrasound Systemmachine, but at an affordable price, the Versana Essential can help improve diagnostic quality and confidence. It was designed to be easy to use and cover a wide variety of scanning needs.

Software Optimization

The Versana Essential comes equipped with the applications and features you need to help you be more efficient, including:

  • Whizz – a one-touch image optimization tool
  • Auto IMT
  • SonoBiometry
  • Scan Coach with real-time reference information
  • My Trainer
  • Sensitive Color Doppler

These tools enable a more confident clinical decision, allowing for a wider range of scannable patients. It also allows you to simplify your workflow, customize for your daily practice, and meet your patients where they’re at.

GE Versana Premier

The GE Versana Premier is the premium ultrasound system offering from the GE Versana family. Like the Versana GE Versana Premier Ultrasound SystemEssential, the Versana Premier was designed with affordability and reliability in mind. Physically, it looks very similar to the Versana Essential. However, the Versana Premier has several different features that set it apart from its more affordable counterpart.

Hardware Differences

As you can see, the Versana Premier is almost identical to the Essential, with the addition of a customizable touch panel, as well as an additional probe port for more efficiency and accessibility. The Premier Versana also has a larger HD Display and an articulating monitor arm that allows for easier viewing angles. Also, the Premier has an integrated battery for when you need to be on the move without losing patient data. Aside from the hardware differences, the Versana Premier also has several software differences that set it apart from the Essential.

Software Differences

In addition to Whizz, Auto IMT, SonoBiometry, Scan Coach, My Trainer, and Color Doppler, the Versana Premier also boasts:

  • Stress Echo
  • Elastography
  • 3D Volume
  • Voice Comments
  • Follow-up Tool
  • Additional Network options

The GE Versana Premier also supports more probes than the Versana Essential.

Have Questions on the GE Versana Essential and Premier?

If you’re not sure what the differences between the GE Versana Essential and the Versana Premier are, call MedCorp LLC at 1-866-828-1800. You can also fill out a form here or chat with us on our LiveChat. Call us today and take advantage of our current new and refurbished ultrasound system promotions!

Need Probes for Your GE Versana?

If you’re looking for ultrasound transducers for your GE Versana ultrasound system, our ultrasound probe partner, Probo Medical, has you covered! Feel free to give them a call at 1-317-759-9210 or email them at to get assistance.

Need Service for Your GE Versana?

If you’re looking to get your GE Versana Essential or Versana Premier serviced by experienced ultrasound technicians, our partner, Trisonics, has been setting the Gold Standard for ultrasound system service since 2004 and would be more than happy to assist you with repair and maintenance of your ultrasound system. Give them a call at 1-877-876-6427 or email them at to get a quote for GE system service.

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