GE Vivid Ultrasound Systems | Part 3: High-End Cardiac Specialists

GE Vivid Ultrasound Systems | Part 3: High-End Cardiac Specialists

The GE Vivid line of ultrasound equipment is GE’s Cardiovascular/Cardiac/Cardiology line of ultrasound systems. The Vivid systems can help you provide ultrasound services across a wide variety of cardiology applications, like Transesophageal, Echo, Color Doppler, and many more. From lightweight, compact and portable to next-generation 4D technology that can be incorporated into your daily routine, GE offers a variety of products to fit a wide range of cardiovascular needs and applications at every budget level. Read below to learn the differences between the GE Vivid cardiovascular ultrasound systems and learn which one is best for you! Our final post will cover the high-end Vivid family ultrasound systems.

GE Vivid High-End SystemsGE Vivid E9 Cardiac Ultrasound System

The high-end line of GE’s Vivid ultrasound family is the GE Vivid Expert-Series. Traditionally, the Expert-Series was composed of the GE Vivid E9, but GE has since released the higher-end, flagship GE Vivid E90 and GE Vivid E95.

GE Vivid E9 with XDClear

Meet the first flagship Expert-Series cardiovascular ultrasound system from GE, the GE Vivid E9 with XDClear. Although it specializes in cardiovascular and was built specifically with 4D imaging in mind, it can provide exceptional imaging in an array of other applications. The features on the GE Vivid E9 can shorten your exam times and improve your diagnostic confidence! Vivid E9 provides the tools to help streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and provide the data you need for confident diagnoses. Our Vivid E9 also provides exceptional 2D imaging with equal power, precision, and agility.

The GE Vivid product line has always acquired and stored its data in a specific raw data format (think of this as an earlier version of cSound) which enables onboard as well as after the fact post-processing capabilities. This flexible and innovative format and storage of pre-scan converted data have enabled the development of utilities with high clinical value.GE Vivid E90 Cardiac Ultrasound System for Sale cheap used

GE Vivid E90

he GE Vivid E90 ultrasound is one of the most high-powered 2D cardiovascular imaging machines currently available. Currently, it’s the newest entry-level Expert-series ultrasound system available from GE’s Vivid cardiac line. It is a feature-reduced version of its successor, the GE Vivid E95, and an improvement from its successor, the Vivid E9 with XDClear. It’s the highest-performing 2D imaging cardiac ultrasound system on the market. GE’s XDclear probe technology pairs with its new cSound imaging platform (learn more below) to capture data from every channel in the probe. Navigate smooth, continuous and detailed images with ease via new enhancements in both color and clarity. A step up from the Vivid E90 is the Vivid E95.

GE Vivid E95 Cardiac 4D Ultrasound System for Sale

GE Vivid E95

A step up from the GE Vivid E90, the  GE Vivid E95 is the highest-end cardiac ultrasound system available from GE. Its 4D cardiac imaging capabilities are second-to-none. With the Imaging. Elevated. release, cSound 2.0/3.0 facilitates a new level of image quality and 4D volume rates by an expansion of the processing power and the development of new beamforming algorithms to further maximize the E95’s beamformer. From the beamformer to the image processor (GPU) to the probes, GE has innovated key elements of the Vivid E95 to deliver a solution that’s superior and more efficient, especially via newer probes like the GE 10T and GE 4Vc-D cardiac probes.

Through cSound and other technological innovations, the GE Vivid E95 makes 4D imaging as easy as 2D imaging. Automated tools and presets aid in reducing the time and effort it takes to complete a cardiac exam. More specifically, the QuickApps tool allows instant access to previous settings during exams to improve accuracy and exam consistency. Vivid E95’s 22″ high-resolution OLED monitor12” LCD touch screen, and easy adjustability will save you time and effort, while also making your ultrasound exams faster and clearer than ever.

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