Getting to Know the GE Venue 40

Getting to Know the GE Venue 40

Designed to fulfill the needs of medical professionals in a wide range of specializations, the GE Venue 40 Portable Ultrasound System features conveniences like an intuitive touch-screen interface and highly customizable settings. This review provides a brief introduction to the device and its common applications in typical settings.

Who Might Use the GE Venue 40?

The GE Venue 40 is equipped to facilitate ultrasound imaging in multiple areas, including diagnosis of vascular and musculoskeletal conditions. It can also be employed to improve the administration of local anesthesia by aiding needle guidance.

This device is both self-contained and portable. As such, it can readily be used in facilities that thrive on efficient use of material resources, such as clinics or community hospitals that provide interventional care, OB/GYN examinations and women’s health procedures. Its compatibility with numerous data formats also lets care providers share diagnostic data with colleagues.

Essential GE Venue 40 Specifications

The GE Venue 40’s soft user interface revolves around a 10.4″ LCD touchscreen that helps professionals interact with information in a more natural fashion. Caregivers can attach the touchscreen to the included mobile trolley or operate it from an optional table-mounted docking station at their discretion.

This ultrasound machine’s imaging hardware is compatible with six different transducer models, and it generates output that conforms to DICOM standards. Data can be stored in an internal 120 MB cache of CINE loop memory, a standard SD card or an attached USB device.

Notably, the GE Venue 40 simplifies the typical imaging process by incorporating a few key features, such as automatic tissue optimization and advanced needle visualization. Power Doppler, directional color Doppler, and B-Mode ultrasound also serve to improve the accuracy of post-acquisition data analysis.

How Much Does the GE Venue 40 Cost?

The GE Venue 40 starts at a base price of $14,000.00. To lessen the financial burden of this important diagnostic tool, MedCorp offers payment plans as low as $230.00 per month as well as refurbished devices that have passed rigorous testing by manufacturer-trained technicians. The MedCorp GE Venue 40 cost also pays for a transducer, a five-year warranty on parts and labor and the option to choose from a number of zero-down financing rates.

How Can My Organization Integrate the GE Venue 40 Into Its Services?

No assessment of GE Venue 40 specifications would be complete without addressing ease of organizational use. While its touch interface and ergonomic features certainly make this device simple enough to operate, the fact that MedCorp provides training in the form of handy videos also ensures it’s easy to learn how to perform an exam, customize system settings or export and save images. MedCorp even offers multilingual one-on-one support via phone and instant messenger, so pressing questions don’t have to wait for resolution.

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