Philips Ultrasound Machines: Advanced Imaging for Your Practice

Philips Ultrasound Machines: Advanced Imaging for Your Practice

Philips offers some of the most advanced ultrasound systems worldwide, with their new EPIQ series being the most powerful ultrasound imaging option currently in the market. With 10% of the brand’s sales being reinvested in its own research and development, it’s no wonder their products are preferred by many medical professionals. Highlighted below are some of the popular Philips ultrasound models that we currently have in stock.

Philips EPIQ Ultrasounds

The Philips EPIQ 5 and EPIQ 7 ultrasound machines broke the mold when it comes to architecture and imaging. These systems made huge advancements in imaging when it comes to resolution and detail thanks to new technologies such as anatomical intelligence and nSIGHT imaging.

Philips HD Ultrasounds

As the name of this series suggests, the Philips HD11 XE, HD9 and HD15 were made specifically for high-definition ultrasound imaging. These systems excel in 4D imaging and automated image optimization. The Philips HD ultrasounds also share the same PureWave technology as the EPIQ 5 and 7.

Philips Affiniti Ultrasounds

Philips created the Affiniti line with the purpose of addressing usability issues. The design of ultrasounds like the Affiniti 70 are ready to use right out of the box without lacking in technology. Philips also introduced a more ergonomic design that optimizes workflow with the release of Affiniti ultrasound systems.

Each of these Philips ultrasound systems are capable of screenings for almost any application, but they are best known for their outstanding performance in cardiovascular ultrasounds and OB/GYN screenings. To shop our entire Philips ultrasound inventory now, click here.

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