A Premium and Affordable Philips Ultrasound System | Philips iU22

A Premium and Affordable Philips Ultrasound System | Philips iU22

The Philips iU22 ultrasound system has been the brand’s gold standard for over a decade when it comes to shared services screening. While the newer Epiq 5 has a sleeker design, smaller overall size, and larger monitor, the iU22 remains a premium option at a lower price than both the Epiq 5 and systems from competing brands.

Philips iU22 Features that Stand Out

What makes the iU22 ultrasound machine from Philips stand out from the rest of the pack? Here are a few of the features that industry professionals have touted:

  • Reduced exam time by 38% thanks to features including SmartExam.
  • Compatible VL 13-5 3D transducer that was used along with the Phillips iU22 to assess plaque buildup in the arteries.
  • The iU22 offers one of the widest ranges of supported applications compared to other ultrasound systems.
  • xMatrix transducer technology for improved imaging and real-time viewing of multiple planes.

Compare the Philips iU22

The iU22 ultrasound from Philips is a well-rounded machine, but how does it stack up against other models from the brand’s competitors?

  • GE Logiq E9 – these two systems are very comparable. The GE Logiq E9 would have slight advantages in an OB/GYN office while the Philips iU22 would have advantages in cardiac and pediatric offices. For all other shared services, it would come down to price, preference, and availability.
  • Samsung UGEO WS80A – the WS80A is Samsung’s closest equivalent. While the Samsung UGEO WS80A would also have better 4D imaging capabilities for OB/GYN screening than the Philips iU22, it isn’t a true shared services machine.

Of these three ultrasound systems, the Philips iU22 has the lowest price making it the greatest value! Watch our video review of the Philips iU22 here. The Samsung UGEO WS80A has the biggest price tag and the GE Logiq E9 falls in the middle.

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