Siemens Acuson Freestyle | Wireless Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Siemens Acuson Freestyle | Wireless Point-of-Care Ultrasound

The Siemens Acuson Freestyle is the world’s first truly wireless comprehensive point-of-care ultrasound solution, redefining accessibility for physicians. This ultrasound system is great for Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, MSK, and more clinical applications. Boasting cable-free probe technology, the Siemens Acuson Freestyle is your solution to improving your point-of-care workflow. It also helps create a better experience for your patients.

Wireless Probes

With cable-free ultrasound transducer technology, the Freestyle gives unprecedented access to patients where they’re at. The wireless probes can scan up to 10 feet from

Siemens Acuson Freestyle wireless point of care ultrasound system

the system. This lets you move freely around the room making you more efficient and your patient more comfortable. Two probes charge right on the back of the system, making them even more convenient. Three ultrasound transducers are currently available for the Siemens Acuson Freestyle:

  • Siemens Acuson Freestyle L13-5
  • Siemens Acuson Freestyle L8-3
  • Siemens Acuson Freestyle C5-2

The coolest part about these Freestyle transducers is that they can control the system like a remote so you never have to touch the ultrasound system. Because of this, you can reduce the risk of infections and save 92% more time in sterile field preparation time, just by not touching the ultrasound system.

Clearer Acess

Siemens’s Acuson Freestyle has innovative image processing and needle visualization features. With the Freestyle, you can be more confident in your scans, knowing that you’re seeing the optimal field of view during the ultrasound exam. In a similar vein of GE’s cSound technology, Siemens has equipped the Freestyle with Pixelformer image processing architecture, which provides higher-resolution and higher-quality imaging. In addition to that, Needle V, allows you to improve your probability for needle injections and punctures by enhancing procedural clarity.

Automation at its BestSiemens Acuson Freestyle wireless probes

Automate your workflow and access innovative technologies using the Freestyle to streamline your workflow from patient registration to wireless image review and diagnosis. You can send studies to PACS using Auto Send. Use Auto Study Management to ensure you are ready for your next exam. You can also use the Freestyle’s Mobile Link App to view, open, and share images and clips with colleagues and patients. The Freestyle can also be customized with a keyboard, deluxe cart, and other accessories to improve your workflow, so be sure to consult with your sales rep with what accessories you require.

Have Questions on the Siemens Acuson Freestyle?

If you’re not sure if the Freestyle is for you, call MedCorp LLC at 1-866-828-1800. You can also fill out a form here or chat with us on our LiveChat. Call us today and take advantage of our current new and refurbished ultrasound system promotions!

Need Probes for Your Freestyle?

If you’re looking for ultrasound transducers for your Siemens Acuson Freestyle ultrasound system, our ultrasound probe partner, Probo Medical, has you covered! Feel free to give them a call at 1-317-759-9210 or email them at sales@probomedical.com to get assistance.

Need Service for Your Siemens Acuson Freestyle?

If you’re looking to get your Freestyle serviced by experienced ultrasound technicians, our partner, Trisonics, has been setting the Gold Standard for ultrasound system service since 2004 and would be more than happy to assist you with repair and maintenance of your ultrasound system. Give them a call at 1-877-876-6427 or email them at sales@trisonics.com to get a quote for Siemens system service.

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