SonoSim | Ultrasound Training Made Easy

SonoSim | Ultrasound Training Made Easy

Medical practitioners are now expected to perform bedside ultrasonography. Learning and mastering the skills necessary requires knowledge and acquisition of complex visuospatial and psychomotor abilities, which takes practice, guidance, and access to patient pathology. Before SonoSim, learning and teaching bedside ultrasonography has been difficult and complex. SonoSim has simplified the process, allowing educators to provide consistent, uniform training and assessment and practitioners the ability to learn anytime, anywhere.

Simple and Effective Ultrasound Training

The core of SonoSim is the USB-powered SonoSim Probe that transforms your computer into a bedside ultrasound training environment no matter where you are. By working with MedCorp LLC, you can purchase the ultrasound system you’ll use after learning ultrasonography at a fraction of the price. Our most popular model for a handheld ultrasound system – GE VScan Extend – is a great next step and pairing with the SonoSim training system.

SonoSim provides access to over 1,000 actual patients with a broad spectrum of normal or real pathologic conditions. You’ll receive immediate probe-positioning guidance, expert feedback, and access to real patients on-demand. MedCorp provides the software to use SonoSim with SonoSim’s USB probe.

On-demand SonoSim Courses deliver evidence-based, didactic content created by leading ultrasound educators. Courses are presented in a multimedia format using dynamic ultrasound imagery, narration, and animation. And the SonoSimulator is a proven-effective, patented ultrasound training solution – as good as a live instructor.

Choose from over 40 topics including:

  • Fundamentals of
  • Ultrasound module
  • Airway module
  • Aorta/IVC module
  • Bladder module
  • Cardiology module
  • FAST Protocol module
  • Intestinal/Biliary module
  • Musculoskeletal module
  • OB/GYN module
  • Ocular module
  • Pulmonary module
  • Rapid Ultrasound in
  • Shock (RUSH) module
  • Renal module
  • Soft Tissue module
  • Vascular Access module
  • And more…

The MedCorp Advantage

MedCorp LLC can provide the SonoSim technology and the ultrasound system you’ll use to perform your new service at a fraction of the price! We fully refurbish ultrasound equipment, including portable systems like the GE VScan Extend, to provide high-quality products at low prices. Our partnership with Probo Medical allows us to provide industry-leading support and repairs on equipment.

GE VScan

The Dual Probe version of the GE VScan Extend has a linear and sector probe permanently attached, therefore, it is always ready when the situation demands it. With the dual probe head, you can perform a variety of scans including:

  • Cardiac
  • Abdominal
  • Carotids
  • Thyroid
  • Lungs

All these tests can be performed at the point of care when time and convenience are essential, and without the hassle hauling around a heavy machine! The VScan Extend handheld ultrasound system is perfect for point-of-care physician offices, ambulatory services, mission trips to third-world countries, and other environments where portability and critical care are of the utmost importance.

Have Questions?

If you’re not sure if the SonoSim or the GE VScan is for you, call MedCorp LLC at 1-866-828-1800. You can also fill out a form here or chat with us on our LiveChat. Call us today and take advantage of our current new and refurbished ultrasound system promotions!

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