Which GE Voluson Ultrasound System is for Me? The Differences Between the Voluson E6, E8, and E10 | BT16 and Up

GE's Voluson line is arguably the most popular women's health ultrasound system line on the market. Traveling all the way back to the release of the GE Voluson 730, GE's Voluson line has stood for high-quality imaging, innovation, and speed. The current GE Voluson Expert series is no different. With the current line of BT16 and newer Voluson E6, E8, and E10 you can expect world-class imaging at...

GE Voluson S8 BT16 Product Review | Affordable Women’s Health Ultrasound

The GE Voluson Signature Series combines superior imaging technology with a narrow footprint to streamline your imaging procedures at a price point to fit your budget. Of course, with a smaller footprint, you do sacrifice the processing power and image-rendering capabilities of the Voluson Expert Series, which includes the GE Voluson E6, Voluson E8, or Voluson E10 BT16s. However, the system we ...
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