Edge II

SonoSite Edge vs. SonoSite Edge II | What’s the Difference?

SonoSite is known for its durable and portable ultrasound systems. Each of the company's ultrasound systems stay true to their pillars of design:  durability, reliability, and ease of use. Directed at the point-of-care market, SonoSite's portable ultrasound systems are very popular for sonographers because of these pillars, and the SonoSite Edge and SonoSite Edge II are no exceptions to this. W...

What’s the Best Point-of-Care Ultrasound System? | Sonosite

In 2017, Sonosite reported that 63% of providers used Sonosite Point-of-Care ultrasound systems to provide treatment for their patients. But which is their best Point-of-Care ultrasound system? Below we list what we think are the best portable point-of-care ultrasound systems from Sonosite. If you have any questions or need a Point-of-Care system, call MedCorp at 1-877-9031. Sonosite M-Turbo P...
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