Ultrasound System Review | GE Vivid S70 Cardiology

GE Vivid S70 Review | Highly-Portable 4D Cardiac Ultrasound from GE The GE Vivid S70 is the most versatile 4D cardiac ultrasound system from GE's "Vivid" ultrasound family. While it doesn't have the processing power of GE's premium Vivid E95 and Vivid E90 4D cardiac ultrasound systems, the S70's miniscule footprint makes it the perfect cardiac system for offices where space and mobility are to...

Top Cardiac Systems & Compatible TEE Probes

TEE imaging revolutionized the way doctors are able to examine the heart. Over the past several years, TEE probes and cardiovascular-specific ultrasounds have evolved to new heights. Below we review some of the top cardiovascular ultrasound systems and the best TEE probes for echocardiograms and other TEE tests. Philips TEE Probes The X7-2T TEE probe includes xMATRIX and PureWave technology t...
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