What is the Best Portable Cardiac Ultrasound System? | GE Vivid iq Premium

What is the Best Portable Cardiac Ultrasound System? | GE Vivid iq Premium

The GE Vivid iq Premium Portable Cardiac Ultrasound System

Cardiologists often call us with the question, “What’s the best portable cardiac ultrasound system?” There are a variety of cardiac ultrasound systems that can fit the needs of cardiologists, like the GE Vivid E9, Vivid E95, or even the GE Vivid i portable system. However, GE’s Vivid iq Premium cardiac ultrasound system is more innovative, portable, and powerful than the rest. And lucky for our customers, we have many of these systems in stock at prices that are affordable for their practice!

GE Vivid IQ Premium

What Makes the GE Vivid iq Premium the Best?

The GE Vivid iq comes in three different configurations—Standard, Premium, and 4D. The GE Vivid iq Premium is the best portable cardiac system because it has a multitude of innovative features that puts it years ahead of the competition, including:

  • Cardiac (Matrix) with the M5Sc-RS XDClear Matrix cardiac probe
  • Versatile Touch Screen
  • Advanced 4D Imaging Available with GE 6VT-D Probe
  • Deformation Imaging Tools (2D Auto EF, TVI, IMT, and ICE2, TTE, Echo Lab, etc.)

All these features and more make it the perfect portable cardiac ultrasound system for interventional cardiologists and any physician performing cardiovascular studies. This system’s portability makes no sacrifice when it comes to capability.


A Touch Screen Like You’re Used To

GE Vivid iq Premiums sport an innovative tablet-like touch interface that will improve the workflow of any environment where it is put into service. You can touch, tap, zoom, and pinch just like on your smartphone. With the touch of a finger, you can make use of convenient applications like Auto Gain and Smart Stress Echo, making fundamental exams faster and easier than ever!

GE Vivid IQ Touchscreen premium 4d ultrasound system

The Perfect Cardiac TEE Configuration

The GE Vivid iq 4D ultrasound system combined with the GE 6VT-D 3D/4D transesophageal ultrasound probe is the perfect portable configuration for any operating suite performing TEE studies. It produces high-quality images with a simple workflow, making it the only system of its kind that can perform TEE studies. Ask for a quote today by clicking here!

Exclusive Training Abilities and an Affordable Price Point

Why should you buy the GE Vivid iq Premium from MedCorp LLC? We have the ability to provide exclusive applications training and a price-point that allows us to give you more value when you need a high-powered portable cardiac ultrasound system to improve your imaging capabilities, like the GE Vivid iq Premium.

GE Vivid IQ with Cart

Innovative Cart Design

We have the Vivid iq Premium multi-port cart available upon request. The newly designed cart protects the console while allowing you to have an extended battery life – 2 hours fully charged – and the ability to have four transducers plugged in at the same time! The cart and system are lightweight, portable, and workflow-efficient. With all these features, it is difficult to compare any other set up to the Vivid iq Premium.



Need GE Vivid iq Premium/4D Probes?

MedCorp LLC is powered in partnership with Probo Medical, a company that buys, repairs and sells used ultrasound equipment. Probo Medical has over 7,000 ultrasound probes in stock, including the standard-configuration probes for the GE Vivid iq premium. Click here to learn about which ultrasound probes are right for your GE Vivid iq Premium system.

Have Questions?

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