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Looking to Own Affordable, High Quality Ultrasound Equipment?

Ultrasound Machines for Sale

If you are looking for ultrasound equipment for sale for use at your practice, hospital or anywhere else, MedCorp is the direct source for ultrasound. MedCorp is a stocking dealer, maintaining a robust inventory of Ultrasounds machines and tranducers.

In addition, MedCorp sells both new and reconditioned ultrasound machines. MedCorp handles 100% of the remanufacturing process, which includes an extensive appearance, functionality, configuration and shipping process to ensure the highest level of OEM standard quality.

  • New and used Ultrasound Equipment.
  • MedCorp is a stocking dealer.
  • MedCorp handles 100% of the reconditioning process.
  • Each system is eligible for an extended warranty
  • MedCorp is an expert in all things Ultrasounds.
MedCorp's Experience Sales Representative

Experience and Expertise

MedCorp's sales staff has the experience and expertise to guide you in your ultrasound equipment purchase, directing you to the best value for your intended usage and applications. Call direct to speak to a sales representative today: 1-866-828-1800.

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