OB-GYN Ultrasound

OB-GYN Ultrasound

MedCorp is the leading direct source for new and refurbished OB-GYN ultrasound machines. We have a variety of models to choose from, including the popular GE Voluson E8 and the Philips IU22. OB-GYN ultrasound machines are a cornerstone of obstetrics, not only making it possible to examine expectant mothers and their unborn child at every stage of pregnancy, but also allowing OB-GYN physicians to evaluate female patients to identify and remove possible health risks such as ovarian masses or cysts.

Used OB-GYN ultrasound equipment from MedCorp meets an intensive 24-step refurbishment process guaranteeing the same quality and strength as the new models, but at a low price ideal for budget-friendly practitioners. MedCorp has refurbished OB-GYN ultrasound machines from all major brands including, GE, Siemens, Mindray, Philips, and Sonosite.

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