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Reconditioning Process

Every ultrasound system we deliver is guaranteed to operate to OEM factory specifications. The quality of our units set the standard in the reconditioned market. All MedCorp ultrasounds go through a rigorous 24-step process that ensures they are operating at manufacturers specifications before they leave our facility.

Each system will be eligible for an extended service contract, should you choose, either from MedCorp, direct from the manufacturer or a 3rd party service provider.

Ultrasound Reconditioning - System Appearance

System Appearance

  • Blow out entire system interior.
  • Clean all system fans, grills, and filters.
  • Clean all power supplies.
  • Clean system card cages and PCBs.
  • Clean all exterior surfaces and compartments.
  • Clean all accessories, footswitches and peripherals.
  • Clean system casters.
  • Repair or replace any broken or worn keys, fixtures or panels as necessary.
Ultrasound Reconditioning - System Functionality

System Functionality

  • Verify system passes all available manufacturer diagnostics.
  • Verify all system power supplies are within manufacturer tolerance.
  • Verify system video is properly adjusted and aligned on monitors.
  • Verify crispness of monitor images, no excess burn.
  • Verify proper operation of track ball assembly.
  • Repair or replace any PCB, module, or assembly as necessary.
Ultrasound Reconditioning - System Configuration

System Configuration

  • Record system software level.
  • Record system options.
  • Verify that software, options, probe, & peripheral configurations satisfy sales order contract.
  • Record all possible PCB, module, assembly part numbers and serial numbers.
  • Record all probe and peripheral part numbers and serial numbers.
  • Provide supporting documentation for all above configuration items to be mentioned in customer file.
Ultrasound Reconditioning - System Packaging

System Packaging

  • Include detailed packing lists of all items per sales order contract, clearly noting any shortage or backorders.
  • Sufficiently packaging the system, all probes, and peripherals within custom designed MedCorp system crates.
  • Clearly and neatly label all shipments with proper destination information, warning labels, and Tip-N-Tell indicatorst.

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