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Operation Blessing International

"I wanted to write to thank you for your excellent service and product availability to help us during a time of need. As an international aid organization, we actively respond to disasters and humanitarian crises around the world daily. This past winter, Zika became one of our highest priorities because of the surge of cases throughout Central America. We had to act swiftly because lives were at risk. We contacted MedCorp and sought to purchase ultrasound machines to help with monitoring of unborn children whose mother’s had been diagnosed with Zika.

The Ultrasound Consultant, Glenn Josephik, contacted me immediately to choose the right machines that met our needs and the needs of the Central American hospitals. After the consultation, MedCorp quickly facilitated the purchase and shipment so that the ultrasounds could be put to use in Central America the very next day.

We were greatly pleased by the customer service provided by MedCorp as well as the price and quality of the ultrasound machines. We would happily do business with MedCorp again."
Angela Dart Angela Dart April 14, 2016

Life Imaging Center

"My name is Amy, and I have owned an ultrasound facility for over 10 years. I have purchased various machines throughout the years, but my most recent purchase was through MedCorp. After calling around to multiple companies across the U.S., I decided to purchase my machine from MedCorp. The reason I chose MedCorp, they were local to me, had the best price for the unit, offered flexibility with warranty coverage, and gave me a great price for my trade in. My recent experience with MedCorp was when I had a couple of minor issues with my machine. They were able to come out to my facility in a timely manner, resolve the issue, which got me back on track for my clients. They have always been very helpful with any and all questions or issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market to purchase an ultrasound machine because your money is not wasted, you get an honest company who is always willing to help."
Amy Opat Amy Opat March 02, 2016

Houston Babies 4D Ultrasound

" 100% satisfied.
I enjoyed my time working with Glenn. His customer relations, organization skills were awesome! He was very accurate in my delivering time frame for my orders ...Fabulous Experience. I will definitely do business with MedCorp again."
Valencia George Valencia George April 14, 2016

"I would like to thank Mr. Glenn Josephik, for helping me through out my purchase of a GE vivid e ultrasound machine. He was very kind, helpful and gave me all the information I needed. I truly hope I can do business with MedCorp again, thanks to him.
I apologize for my English since I live in Argentina.
Thank you very much. "
Carolina Melgar Carolina Melgar January 29, 2015

Hudson Valley Foot Associates

"As a former sales and marketing manager with more than two decades of experience (and as a practice administrator for another decade), I am well aware of the value of service that exceeds the expectations of the customer (or patient). That is why I thought it important enough to drop you a note regarding my recent experience with MedCorp.

When our surgically-based podiatry practice decided to upgrade a couple of ultrasound units, the GE Venue 40 Portable Ultrasound System from Medcorp was under careful consideration. I found working with you and your company to be straight-forward, seamless process with no surprises and competitive pricing. That said, one of my key considerations with any equipment purchase is the service I can expect to receive AFTER the sale. In the case of MedCorp I was not disappointed.

When one of the displays on the units was not functioning properly, we were quite pleased that MedCorp was quick to ship us a "loaner unit" while they repaired our Venue40. Just as important was the fact MedCorp kept us informed and was always responsive to our needs so that our patient flow would not be affected.

It has been a pleasure to work with MedCorp and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to other practices looking for ultrasound products. "
Charles "Bud" Walker Charles "Bud" Walker November 13, 2014

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