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Ultrasound Equipment For Sale

With more than 50 years of experience and a commitment to customer service excellence, MedCorp is a great option when you are looking for affordable ultrasound equipment for sale and what options are available for your healthcare facility. Our ultrasound machines fit a variety of clinical applications from neonatal to vascular to emergency care and range from hand-held to portable cart-based systems.

MedCorp has readily available ultrasound equipment from all the top brands, including GE, Samsung, Mindray andPhilips, among others. So, whether your office requires dynamic models like the GE Voluson E8 or highly portable devices like the Philips CX50, we have you covered.

For the budget-conscious, we also provide used ultrasound equipment that is meticulously refurbished by our in-house, 24-step process, ensuring mode-specific imaging and all machine functionality is operable, as you would expect from a new machine. All ultrasound systems are guaranteed to operate to OEM factory specifications. We follow a rigorous protocol to carefully restore appearance, system functionality, configuration and detailed packaging. Once a refurbished machine meets our requirements, it is competitively priced and made available for sale. This option works for budget-minded offices and for those with specific use-cases. MedCorp is a quality leader in the reconditioned market.

Along with ultrasound equipment for sale, we have a huge selection of probes, parts and peripherals available for purchase. Additionally, warranties are available covering full parts and labor as well as standard or extended warranty coverage.  And most importantly, after the initial sale and installation, MedCorp provides an extensive array of training options to ensure healthcare facilities are armed with the knowledge required to properly operate and maintain their equipment.

Whether you are in the market for new or used ultrasound equipment for sale, we can help. We are the industry leader and a preferred provider of reliable, quality used ultrasound equipment.  

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